Our Story

To keep it very simple – It all started when we as an organization participated in a CSR Activity. We were fortunate enough to be a part of NGO activities twice in 2016. We won’t take name of those NGOs, however, we will share both the incidents and we will leave this up to you to decide!1st Incident – NGO representatives visited our office premises to seek help in form of monetary donations. After a couple of meetings and verifying their cause we initiated funds to their organization. We were extremely satisfied as they utilized that fund in an effective manner.2nd Incident – This time another NGO came in and sought help in whatever form we could like clothes, necessities, etc. They refused to take any cash and in fact, they invited us to visit their NGO along with the products we wanted to donate to people who are in actual need of them. Trust me, folks, you won’t imagine the joy of offering them those goods. We’re just short of describing that emotion, we wish you could be a part of it. All we can say is, “That was so far the best day of our life.”

As mentioned before, we were satisfied with the first NGO as well, however 2nd incident made us feel the real joy of giving.

After such a heart touching event, we came up with this idea which is donaapp.com. As we’re an IT organization by nature whose core business is developing software solutions so building this solution was not at all a challenge. And I am sure we won’t face many challenges in future, as well, as our goal, is set which is we’re not here to make money out of this, we’re here to make you experience the same feeling, we’re here to make you feel those emotions. Maybe we come across with few hurdles however we are sure that we’ll cross those as we’ve all your support.At last, we would just like to end with a statement –

“Money is an Object, but giving what our society and our people need is priceless. So start giving, because you can!”

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